The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy Skincare

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The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy Skincare

The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy Skincare

But when it comes to caring for your skin and body, it’s not all about that mythical pregnancy ‘glow.’ With hormones in a constant state of flux, it’s easy for our skin to become upset, which can manifest itself in a whole host of ways, as blogger and ELEMIS Ambassador, Anneli Bush acknowledges,

“Lucky ladies get that well-known “pregnancy glow”, and although I have been told I have it at times (note: not all the time!) – in between a puffy face, sensitive skin, dullness and an uneven skin tone – my skin has definitely seen better days.”

So, what can we do to keep our beauty and well-being regimes in check through pregnancy? Read on for our ultimate guide to taking care of your skin during this special time…

What happens to your skin during pregnancy?

The first step to taking care of your skin while expecting is to understand exactly what is happening to it – a feat that’s often easier said than done.

“During the 9 months of pregnancy, the face and body change daily in response to the demands made on the body by sharing it with another” explains Noella Gabriel, Co-Founder of ELEMIS. “The obvious change is that the skin can become extremely dry and, in some cases, flaky. Some women experience severe acne, while others develop sensitivity – issues far removed from the so-called ‘pregnancy glow.”

It’s not surprising to hear that during pregnancy, the condition of the skin changes considerably. “The body now has two heart beats and the baby is a priority for nourishment and replenishment” says Noella. “What once was available for the us is now allocated to the baby. This can cause the skin to become very dry, itchy and lacking in moisture and nutrients. Visually the appearance of the skin may be dull, lifeless and ashy in colour.”

How to deal with stretch marks

The number one issue surrounding pregnancy and skin has to be stretch marks. “Caused by drastic weight changes, including pregnancy, these lines are actually scarred dead tissue and can be very difficult to manage” explains Noella. However, a good bodycare ritual can help reduce their severity or the chances of them from forming in the first place. A true hero product, ELEMIS’ Japanese Camellia Oil is a great product to use through pregnancy, as it keeps the skin super hydrated, helping to improve elasticity over the bust, bump and bum, therefore supporting the body’s changes through pregnancy.

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