The Next Generation of Sunscreen

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The Next Generation of Sunscreen

The Next Generation of Sunscreen

It wasn’t so long ago when many of us considered applying suncream an essential chore, rather than an appealing part of a skincare routine.

But modern technology and innovations in skincare have now transformed the humble sunscreen, eliminating chemical-heavy compositions and chalky textures to offer a multitude of luxurious options.

The secret to ELEMIS’ silky sunscreen formulas? Unique, revolutionary technology to micronise traditional UVA and UVB sunscreens and enwrap them in a double sphere. Sunscreens make a huge contribution to skin feel, so by optimising their distribution throughout the formulation and on the skin, we can maximise their efficiency. This allows us to focus on texture, lightness and comfort without compromising on efficacy.

ELEMIS offers a trio of superhero sunscreen formulas, and there’s one that’s bound to suit your skin. Read on to find out which one…

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