Pregnancy Massage


Our Best Pregnancy Massage London Spa is a thoroughly researched and carefully formulated treatments have been designed to nurture and support a woman through the rich experience of each trimester. Gently.

ELEMIS Peaceful Pregnancy Massage

This unique Pregnancy Massage Greenwich is a profoundly nurturing and tranquil oasis. Mothers-to-be are lulled and restored to optimum wellness. Maternity Massage Greenwich hydrates and moisturises skin that is expanding to accommodate a growing baby. We provide the best Massage for Pregnant Women. Only nurturing aromatics are imparted – along with wisdom, empathy and respect. Pregnancy Spa London delivers the best services, not only to release the stress of the mother but also very beneficial for the skin.

60 min

£ 90

ELEMIS Peaceful Pregnancy Face and Body Experience

Our Spa for Pregnant London beautifully reviving facial and specially formulated massage takes care of all your skin’s needs during pregnancy. Settle into the unique pear-shaped beanbag for this treatment combination that gently addresses any visible effects of hormonal changes on the skin and supports it as it accommodates your baby. Taking care of your ever-changing needs at this very special time. Just nurture, nourishment and tranquillity.

90 min

£ 150