Energy Boosting, Scrubs & Wraps


ELEMIS Body Nectar Nourishing Wrap – Sweet Orchid or Frangipani

This lusciously fragrant, intensely moisturising body wrap will transport you to the Far East. The velvety texture of the Monoi oil offers super-hydration, quenching a thirsty skin. In our Energy boosting, scrubs and wraps the aromatic oil is applied using sweeping strokes with maximum attention paid to any particularly parched areas. Our scrub massage London kept you cocooned and warm while the mood-balancing aromatics and skin conditioning oils do their work. An emotionally grounding experience for skin that has never felt silkier.

60 min

£ 80

Hot Mineral Body Boost

Body Scrub Spa is a powerful treatment stimulates every cell in the body, helping alleviate muscular pain and remove toxins. Body Scrub Massage London use the heated minerals that are a catalyst to warm and deeply relax the body.

60 min

£ 119

ELEMIS Intensely Cleansing Salt Scrub

The extraordinary cleansing power of salt goes to work releasing toxins in this body polishing treatment. Salt Body Scrub London use the best technique to relax the body. The fragranced salt of your choice will gently slough away dead skin cells, encouraging the regeneration of new cells and perfectly prepping the skin. It leaves a smooth and responsive canvas, ready to absorb the deeply nourishing body oil. Full Body Scrub Massage delivers velvety soft, invigorated skin.

30 Min

£ 35

Thousand Flower Detox Wrap

Enriched by Somerset soil packed with tree, flower and grass rich nutrients, this treatment provides super skin-health and powerful detoxification, helping stimulate the elimination process and restore equilibrium. Omega-rich Green Tea seed oil is massaged into the skin followed by the thousand flower, vitamin-packed, super nutritious earth wrap encouraging the body to surrender its toxins. A nourishing Green Tea balm, rich in minerals, proteins and Omegas – the superfoods of the skin – is the final touch, leaving you feeling completely reinvigorated and the body firing on all cylinders.

60 min

£ 65

Targeted Toning Tightener

Tightening and toning are the pillars of this treatment. A powerful blend of salts, minerals and seaweeds work together to target cellulite and poor skin tone on hips, thighs, abdomen and backs of arms. Nigari salt deeply cleanses, followed by a targeted sculpting massage to kick-start the micro-circulation, promoting a smoother silhouette and invigorating the entire body. A cooling rubberised mask, rich in super-detoxing caffeine and green clay is applied to problem areas, whilst clinically proven Red Algae redefines areas prone to sagging. The result is a targeted body airbrush and skin that looks and feels intensely toned and refreshed.

90 min

£ 95

Localised Treatment

Arms, Hips & Thighs, or Abdomen

30 min

£ 30